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there are times that I felt I wasn't capable

I often felt that my work wasn't good

and when I try to push forward, I found that at every step there were always someone better than me or someone that wants to step on me to get ahead

at times, I let them get to me, let them walk all over me, let them hurt me

but I've always had you, to come by and pick me up and dust me off again

every time I was cut down by someone, sometimes the cuts can lead to scars and instead of being scared and running, you hugged and comforted me,

you taught me that each scar should bring strength, courage and not self-doubt

you've been my biggest fan, no matter what, where or who I photograph,
you've been my most dedicated model, because you know I am your only photographer :)

thank you my angel
     I hope you will always be my angel because I will always be your photographer
  • Listening to: beep beep (every 3 sec) :3
  • Reading: my only saving grace (my thought on my computer)
  • Watching: people walk by as they pass me
  • Playing: with my mind
  • Eating: cookies
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I heart~
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Submitted on
September 21, 2010